7 Houseplants That Love Bright to Direct Sunlight: Brighten Windows and Your Space

7 Houseplants That Love Direct Sunlight: Brighten Windows and Areas With Full Sun 

Homiful.com -- Sunlight is indeed a very important thing that affects plant growth. However, not all plants can withstand direct sunlight. If you have an area that you want to plant, with direct light conditions, then "7 Houseplants That Love Direct Sunlight: Brighten Windows and Areas With Full Sun" below is highly recommended to try!



Jasmine plants are very popular and desirable for their calming scent when in flower. Not only that, it also looks cute and charming, with small white flowers that contrasted with dark green leaves. This plant likes bright but not direct sunlight. They need humid conditions, and a summer vacation outdoors will increase their longevity and performance.



The same plant that the ancient Egyptians used to construct boats and create paper is also a gorgeous houseplant ideal for sunny areas. The secret to having a happy papyrus plant is to keep it wet at all times. Papyrus is a pond edge plant, therefore its feet are used to being wet. To keep your container from growing stagnant, place it in a dish of water and replace it once a week.



Hibiscus flowers have a charming appearance with a variety of colors, ranging from white, pink, red and others. This plant prefers bright but not full sun. Pinch your plants weekly to keep them compact and branching, and feed them with a potassium-rich houseplant fertilizer on a regular basis. Provide frequent, consistent hydration while avoiding damp soil to keep your hibiscus healthy.

Aloe Vera


Add a low-maintenance aloe vera plant to your first list. The sap may be used to treat small wounds and burns, and the plants can be propagated by repotting the pups (also known as offsets). Plant your aloe vera in a large terra cotta container that will support the top-heavy growth while still allowing for air circulation. 



If pruned periodically to keep it modest, this tropical evergreen shrub with glossy green foliage may make an excellent interior houseplant. Although it enjoys moderate shade as a garden plant, it thrives in a sunny setting when grown inside. If spent blossoms are quickly removed, it will bloom frequently with fragrant creamy-white flowers. It thrives on acidic soil. 

Jade Plant 


Jade plants are popular houseplants for those with sunny windowsills or bright conservatories due to their robust stems and fascinating, fleshy leaves. Because jade plants require at least four hours of sunshine every day, a south-facing window is perfect. This is not a cactus, despite being a succulent and so drought-tolerant plant. Jade plants may survive for decades and grow slowly over time.

China Doll Plant 


This Chinese subtropical broadleaf evergreen tree is an excellent interior potted plant, preferring strong indirect light but tolerating a small amount of direct sunshine. It will develop into a four to six foot tall floor plant over time, although it may be planted as a tabletop plant when young. To keep its form, prune every several months.

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