Modern Tiny House Inspirations Seems to be Compromises

Modern Tiny House Inspirations Seems to be Compromises -- Choosing to live in a tiny house has grown in popularity over the last decade. The small size of the house and the lack of furniture will persuade you of the benefits of a minimalist home arrangement with a sustainable concept. The small size of a tiny house forces you to focus on the essentials and reduce to luxury in order to live a simpler lifestyle. This small house reference project will be one of the best models for the future.

Tiny house facade details 

Most tiny houses are quite synonymous with container designs like this. The details are a little more minimalistic, with a more modern look and an abundance of environmentally friendly natural elements. The design remains stylish, and the concept of a small house in general is comfortable and complex.

Interior with a big surprise

The interior, which is popular in small houses, appears to be very limited. The 29 x 10 inch dimensions encourage owners to secure a large amount of furniture, including kitchen and living room space. With the use of dominant wood material, the idealistic concept of space is applied from every angle.

Functional corner

This time, the interior details of the tiny house are best seen from the corner. The cabinet's and laundry room's limited space is maximized. The interior is quite similar to the Nordic scandinavian style, emphasizing the functional space appropriately.

Loft bedroom

In general, small houses always use extra space as a loft. Take, for example, this bedroom. placed between the basement and the ceiling of the room. Identical shades of soft soil, environmentally friendly wood material. and maximum lighting in every detail of the space.

Sustainable space

This is the first area that is frequently encountered in a small house. The kitchen is made more sustainable by including a dining area as well as a living room.  A neat and clean arrangement always results in an appealing interior design. This concept of space can be applied to the concept of a large house without the need for partitions.

Clean bathroom

The bathroom is the next room that complements this tiny house. People will not look at the tiny house next door because of its modern design. This bathroom prioritizes the concept of a modern bathroom complete with bathtub, shower, and sink.

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