Modern 2 Storey Small House Ideas 150 Sqm

Modern 2 Storey Small House Ideas 150 Sqm -- Many people's dream is to have a large and maximum house. The 150 m2 house has two floors and a fairly complete division of space, including bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, dining rooms, and terraces. Elegant design, modern 2-story model with opulent exterior. see the following details in this inspiration:

Facade design

This house's facade design is elegant and clean. A modern concept with proper element division is the option. This facade features a detailed staircase on the side of the house with glass vents. A sufficient amount of land can still be used for various purposes.

Living room interior 

The first area is the open-plan living room. From the wall paint used to the color of the sofa furniture chosen, this room appears elegant and clean. As in the first area, the decoration is concise and not overpowering.

Functional space

This is the area visible from the living room under the stairs. The area beneath the stairs can be used as a comfortable workspace. However, privacy is maintained through the use of accent wood panel partitions as a frame. It appears clean and tidy, but you can add some ornamental plant elements to make it more refreshing.

Kitchen layout

Here are the specifics of a minimalist home kitchen. The kitchen design with table L will be very maximal and comfortable as a cooking area. The natural color of the wood material in this kitchen creates a warm interior. Supporting elements, such as hanging lamps, are both decorative and functional.

Backyard garden

As it appears, the kitchen has been made open space between the garden behind the house. The area is specialized as a place to relax, sunbathe, and play. Without any shade, the heat is more intense as a location for enjoyable outdoor activities.

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