Fresh Idea to Go Urban Jungle at Home to Green Decor

Fresh Idea to Go Urban Jungle at Home to Green Decor -- It will be interesting to create an urban garden in the center of the room to give the house a jungle feel. This method entails incorporating some fresh green vibes with a mix of vertical concepts and a frame of greenery. Examples of inspiration for indoors to transform the space into a fresh and intense urban jungle.

Genuine cling

The first suggestion will give your interior a fresh start. Hanging plants can be used to frame the space near the window. Create a vertical garden concept for a light and airy spa bathroom. For real, you can expect a calm and cool environment.

Adorable and lovely

It is simple to come up with a new idea for an indoor jungle garden. show the sky from the direction of the glass windows that also provide optimal light to the house plants. Fill the corners all the way to the ceiling to create a true urban jungle garden.

Tropical plants

Make a choice and a statement for the corner of the room to resemble the urban jungle of your dreams. Tall tropical plants are an option. Typically, it is a palm, ficus, calathea, bird of paradise plant, or dracaena. It will be ideal for injecting festive color into the room.

Trim the corners

The following ideas will give you the look of an urban jungle with beautiful decor accents. The boho and rustic themes will have a more natural feel to them and will be more visually appealing. Include some terracotta colors in the planter, furniture or furnishings, and decorations.

Tuck in some cabinets

Along with beautiful and comprehensive decor accents, the urban jungle theme in the room will be interesting even with small planters and vines. You can experiment with some details to meet the needs of the space, especially in the cabinet. This is ideal for those of you who are active and creative.

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