Beautiful Interior Ideas for Simple Style in a Small Space

Beautiful Interior Ideas for Simple Style in a Small Space -- Decorating a small space is full of puzzles that must be solved correctly and appropriately. Many arrangements can be customized at will, but keep the needs of the space in mind. Such changes will look good with a pleasant design that employs a variety of smart but not overwhelming solutions. Simple tricks for small spaces can be organized through the use of interior themes while maintaining an effective style.

Function room 

To overcome the room's limited size, the most careful and simple solution is to use one space for multiple purposes. Choose an open space or an open space between other spaces to avoid having to think about how to move for an extended period of time. Optimize furniture and choose soft, textured materials for a decorative touch in the room.

Give it an eclectic feel 

Choose interior colors that are more contrasting, a little flashy and sparkly. Colors that are eclectic will blend well in a neutral and warm environment. Change the utensils to match the chairs. Place wall decorations to make the room look more earthy and beautiful.

Ideas for the dinding room and kitchen 

Especially if you have some extra room for the kitchen and dining room. This type of concept can be used to provide the primary function of the house as a place of activity. It is possible to have a kitchen and dining room without a wall. The room, in particular, is dominated by wood colors, neutrals, and an eclectic touch. Very suitable for a small space at home.


A calm and fresh atmosphere for the bedroom will be an important part of the house. Decorations to be admired, as well as a coordinated look between several other rooms. There are eclectic touches that are appropriate for small room sizes, light decorations, and natural styles. Some hanging lamp accents and ornamental plants will be very evocative for a refreshing bedroom.


an outdoor space that must be properly planned. It will create a visually appealing and functional space for relaxation, gardening, or small celebrations. A balcony with ornamental plants is much appreciated, as are rustic touches and light bulbs as lighting.

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