7 Yellow Flowers for a Joyful Garden

7 Yellow Flowers for a Joyful Garden 

Homiful.com -- There are many garden concepts that we can choose from. Do you want a shady and shady garden? Or do you want a colorful and cheerful garden? The following "7 Yellow Flowers for a Joyful Garden" can be an interesting choice to plant in your garden. Let's check them out!



Marigolds (Tagetes erecta), a favorite of gardeners across the country, are one of the easiest (and most attractive) annuals to grow. Marigolds, one of the easiest annuals to maintain, thrive in full sun and do well in practically any soil type. These thick, compact flowers range in hue from pale yellow to deep orange to mahogany and make a stunning accent to pots, baskets, and borders, as well as simply spread throughout the garden.



This hollyhock flower is not as bright as other flowers, but it is still lovely. These full-sun lovers may grow up to 7 feet tall, making them ideal for planting along a fence. They will not only provide a dash of color to your landscape, but they will also attract bees and butterflies.



Dahlia come in a variety of hues, and while they don't prefer long, hot summers, they do prefer full sun and well-drained soil in more temperate locations. Dahlias variety of colors, including white, yellow, orange, pink, dark pink, red, dark red, lavender, purple, and black, as well as light blends, bronze blends, flame blends, dark blends, variegated and bicolor!



Daylilies, despite their name and form, are not true lilies. Daylily flowers, unlike real lily flowers, may be eaten and are considered a vegetable in some countries. Daylilies are attractive, low-maintenance perennials that are hardy, long-lived, and neglect-tolerant. They bloom profusely, however individual flowers only last a single day, and there are tens of thousands of variants. Daylilies, as opposed to genuine lilies, grow from fleshy roots.



Craspedia, also known as billy button, are popular for easy DIY flower arrangements due to their lengthy vase life. Billy buttons enjoy a warm, sunny, to semi-shady area. Billy buttons do not tolerate waterlogging, thus the soil should be well-drained. If your garden soil is heavy, add 30% sand. If the soil is already sandy, consider adding some high-quality compost to enhance it.



Primroses are hardy and vibrant plants that thrive in chilly, moist environments. Plant them in shady places and add a layer of mulch to help retain moisture if you live in a warmer region. Growing primrose is simple since these plants are hardy and versatile. Primrose perennials are often available in garden stores and nurseries.



This yellow flower, sometimes known as tickseed, is a heat-tolerant plant that blooms throughout summer and is ideal for borders and pots. With over 80 coreopsis types, there is one to fit every garden style. The gorgeous, daisy-like blooms have no scent, but the leaves has an anise-like aroma. The foliage of the plant varies, with some types having enormous green leaves and others having narrower greens.

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