7 Trendy Plants To Pick For Girl's Room

7 Trendy Plants To Pick For Girl's Room 

Homiful.com -- There's nothing wrong with making the bedroom more beautiful. Especially for women, who love everything about beauty. The following "7 Trendy Plants To Pick For Girl's Room" below can be an option to make the atmosphere of the room more beautiful and cozy!



Hydrangea flowers are already well-known for their stunning look when in bloom. You may plant a small variety of hydrangeas in a room with plenty of sunlight. If you give the plant some morning sunshine, it will thrive!



Bellflower, commonly known as Campanula, is a cute flower that may be grown indoors. This plant not only comes in blue, but also in a range of different colors and can be cultivated in any environment. It also looks great in hanging baskets!

Flamingo Lily


Anthurium andraeanum, popularly known as Flamingo Lily, is a popular Anthurium type that is ideal for the interior of your house. Flamingo lily's waxy bracts in a vibrant red make an eye-catching contrast with its green leaves. It's one of the most beautiful houseplants for a girl's room!

Rose Painted Calathea


Rose Painted Calathea is a one-of-a-kind calathea that is in very popular. Calathea rosepicta 'Rosy' is the botanical name for this plant. Its rosy-pink leaves with deep green margins and purple undersides makes it one of the most beautiful species on the list and may be an outstanding addition to interiors.



Codiaeum variegatum is the botanical name for this plant. Croton is a kind of houseplant that adds energy and vibrancy to a room. Because it cannot withstand low light, it must be shown in a room with large windows.



Poinsettia, often known as the Christmas star, has a botanical name of Euphorbia pulcherrima. Newer hybrids have been produced in a range of colors, including white, cream, yellow, salmon, purple, burgundy, and pink, besides to the characteristic red bracts. With its striking red leaf and robust texture, it is a terrific plant to cultivate in tiny pots and may be the highlight of your girl's room!



Caladiums are the most well-known houseplants. They are perfect houseplants to adding a splash of color and design to any space! They thrive in strong light, so place them near a window that gets both direct and indirect light.

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