5 Trending Plants for Urban Jungle Vibes

5 Trending Plants for Urban Jungle Vibes 

Homiful.com -- The gloomy and cool ambiance of the urban jungle can enhance the appeal of a place. Use these "5 Trending Plants for Urban Jungle Vibes" to transform your living environment into an exotic retreat. These low-maintenance plants will provide a touch of greenery and natural beauty to any space in your home. Examine them out!

Giant Bird of Paradise


Strelitzia nicolai is the botanical name for Giant Bird of Paradise. This plant Strelitzia Nicolai is also known as the White Bird of Paradise because of its broad, banana-like leaves and beautiful, bird-head-shaped white and blue flowers. 

With its brilliant foliage, this easy-to-care plant looks stunning in containers and other plants. With its appearance, this urban jungle plant might be an excellent choice for infusing your space with dense forest emotions!



For various reasons, including their dense foliage, these are excellent urban jungle plants. They come in a variety of styles that you can mix and combine to produce the ultimate jungle outfit! Philodendron thrives in a mix of shade and light, but expose it to the warm morning sun for 2-3 hours to increase the size of its leaves and make the veins more visible.

Natal Mahogany


Trichilia emetica is the botanical name for Natal Mahogany. This urban jungle plant's dark green, glossy leaves may instantly create a jungle-like ambiance. Consider combining it with other plants on this list for a more thick appearance.

Fiddle Leaf Fig


Ficus lyrata is the botanical name for Fiddle Leaf Fig. Fiddle leaf is native to East Asian tropical climates, where it grows tall (up to 40 feet), but its growth can be readily lowered and controlled (up to 4-6 feet) when planted in pots as a houseplant. Because it does not grow too enormous, Fiddle Leaf Fig is ideal for growing indoors and in gardens.

Rubber Plant


Ficus elastica is the botanical name for the rubber plant. For people who want to create an urban jungle in their house, rubber plants are a popular alternative. They can make a dramatic impact in any room with their enormous, glossy foliage. The appearance is particularly special, with dark, glossy leaves.

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