2438 sqft Blue Cottage Design with Modern and Old Decor

 Homiful.com - The stunning architecture of the blue cottage brings stunning and comfy dwellings. Combining the modern update and old design, make this cottage timeless. Here are 2438 sqft Blue Cottage Design with Modern and Old Decor. Check it out!

Exterior looks

Like other old cottages mostly found, this cottage has a beautiful design for the exterior. Maybe the facade can look like a farmhouse in dominant, and you design it with blue and white hues. Use the yard or terrace to get the plants to make fresh nuance.

Living room

It looks amazing by combining old architecture with modern design. Besides maintaining the old design, white accents in the living room make it look spacious and beautiful. And also the elegant floors create warm and inviting nuance.

Main bedroom

The design full of white makes the main bedroom look bigger and more comfy. But, you can add other hues to avoid monotonous and boring bedroom design and decoration. Get efficient and pretty lamps for lighting that will make the bedroom feel enjoyable.

Second bedroom

The attractiveness of the wooden floor in this second bedroom certainly provides a warm and soothing accent. Refinished hardwood floor guides through the home, showcasing the quality and craftsmanship of a bygone era. In addition, the window also makes you can see the outside from the bedroom. And this is a satisfaction in itself, you know.

Formal dining room

By the way, there are two dining rooms in this blue cottage. A formal dining room that perfect to invite guests, and an informal dining room can use to serve meals or to feed yourself. Besides being perfect to invite guests, the formal dining room is also perfect for the family at mealtime.

Informal dining room

And this is the informal dining room. Placed near the kitchen, this informal dining room also closed with the door. No need large space, just use an empty area in the kitchen area for placing the dining table.


Combining the style and functionality also makes the kitchen design in good way. The kitchen also boasts modern appliances, sleek countertops, and ample storage space.


The bathroom looks stunning in white and blue colors. There are windows in the bathroom that can reduce the humidity that usually creates the fungal. You can divide the wet and dry areas as always for a clean and cozy bathroom.


Although the rooftop is small, you can still utilize it in a stunning and fun spot in the blue cottage. Place some furniture and decorate nicely for the pretty rooftop. And you also can relax or reduce the stress by staying on this rooftop.

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Author    : Yuniar

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