Six Types Pot-Friendly Alocasia Decorative Plants

Six Types Pot-Friendly Alocasia Decorative Plants -- Alocasia plants can be an option for collection or at home. This ornamental plant has its own charm. Especially if these plants are well cared for. It is certain that the leaves will be more beautiful. The existence of potted ornamental plants will certainly add to the beauty of the house, as well as freshness. Well, for those of you who want to plant alocasia in a pot, here is a selection of "Six Types of Pot-Friendly Alocasia Decorative Plants"

Alocasia Plumbea


The whole plant is dark green-black and glossy. Alocasia plumbea has leaf margins that form curves that add a soft impression to its thick leaves. Meanwhile, the lower surface of this ornamental plant is purplish red in color. This plant is very easy to maintain in a large pot and requires shade to maintain optimal growth.

Alocasia Longiloba


Alocasia longiloba has a different leaf shape from the Alocasia genus in general. The appearance of the leaves is actually similar to the Syngonium genus with sagittate leaves that are sharply tapered at the three ends and point upwards. The leaflets are thick and bright green in color and pseudo yellowish on the underside. In addition, the petioles are striated brown in color which is quite a magnet for its lovers.

Alocasia Heterophylla


An ornamental plant from the Philippines, also called 'aquino' alocasia, has an elongated leaf blade shape with a stalk that tends to be short, accompanied by a silvery green leaf color that is the allure of this ornamental plant. Alocasia Heterophylla will be even more beautiful when it grows lush.

Alocasia guttata ‘imperialis’


This type offers beautiful leaves with a beautiful reinforced character. When held, the leaves feel thick and slightly slippery like they are coated with leaf shine. This Alocasia imperialis has a gray-green leaf appearance that matches the color of the older leaf veins. Meanwhile, on the back of the leaves, the purplish-red color is clearly visible.

Alocasia Dragon Scale


This ornamental plant that looks like alocasia reversa is a type of tropical plant from the Araceae family. The combination of dark green leaf veins and metallic silver green leaves becomes its own charm for this Alocasia dragon scale, making it very suitable to beautify the garden or home.  Alokasia as high as 20 - 30 cm looks stunning, can be placed as a table decoration plant.

Alocasia guttata 'bullata'


Allocation guttata 'bullatta', is a variant of the family group Araceae. This ornamental plant has a slightly rounded, thick and shiny leaf shape. The stalk is shorter than the leaf blade, also highlighting the beauty of color and leaf relief. The leaf bones look more characterful through a fairly dense blackish-green color. When mature, the length of the leaves can reach 30 cm with darker strokes of color.

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