Seven Types of Aquatic Flowers that Grow in Water


Seven Types of Aquatic Flowers that Grow in Water -- Aquatic flowers can make a pond look more vibrant and eye-catching. As popular flowers, there are many aquatic plants that are suitable for ponds. In this review, you can learn more about them:



Cardinal flowers are tall, bright red, and trumpet-shaped. This plant stands out due to its vibrant appearance. Very attractive as a pond border plant. Cardinals are also appealing to pollinators like hummingbirds.

Calla Lily


This calla lily grows well on the banks of shallow water ponds because it prefers wet soil. The leaves are wavy in shape and have pretty white varieties, with spathe and spadix flowers. This plant, which prefers full and partial sun, can reach a height of 3 feet at maturity.

Water Lily


The water lily is a popular choice for pond plants. This popular tropical plant comes in a variety of colors. Hardy varieties, which can withstand freezing temperatures, should be grown as annuals. The colors are stunning, including red, pink, purple, peach, white, yellow, and orange.



The following flower is the lotus flower, also known as the famous nelumbo nucifera. This lotus flower is either red or white and towers over the water. This plant has large circular foliage. It can thrive in shallow water up to 8 feet deep. It quickly spreads to take over the pond.

Water poppy


This plant has a diameter of 2 to 4 inches and has glossy, circular leaves with heart shapes and small yellow flowers. It grows on the surface of the water or slightly above it. The variety is yellow in color and prefers bright light.

Water Hawthorn


This plant has a very pleasant fragrance and produces unique multi-petalled v-shaped flowers. White flowers bloom in the spring and do not bloom during the hot summers. prefers calm water temperatures and conditions.

Aquatic Iris


Iris is a great aquatic flower for pond edges. This plant thrives in shallow water that is up to 8 inches deep. Purple and blue flowers that can grow up to 3 feet tall when mature.

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