Loft Interior Design Ideas with Homey Setting -- Tiny houses usually feel distinctive with loft interiors. Adding a loft floor as a bedroom or other space to maximize the limited space. The following are inspiring images and ideas to create a loft interiors that feel cozy and spacious, even for a tiny house. Here are some loft interior design ideas with a homey setting.

Interior with cozy loft


Make sure the interior has high ceilings. Using gable type of construction, it is possible to add an attic or loft floor to the interior. You can use white and fine wood color scheme to give the interior a cozy and natural feel. This color combination also gives the interior a clean and airy look.

Bring a sleek but comfortable sofa

A tiny house's interior may be small, but that doesn't mean it can't have a comfortable living area. Present it in a simple but cozy way. It's as simple as bringing a 3-seater sofa that is soft and comfortable but doesn't take up much space. Add wall hangings to add an aesthetic look to the living area.

A fresh kitchenette


There is no wasted space in the interior of a tiny house. Maximize a room corner to install cabinetry and neatly installed kitchen equipment. This tiny kitchen also has a sink, stove, and mini fridge for the convenience. A small window is provided to reduce the feeling of heat and stuffiness while cooking.

Under-stair lounge

There is a space that can be used to place a lounge. Utilize the empty space under the stairs to place that cabinet and TV. The corner of this relaxing area is also beautified with faux plants that give a fresh green feel to the room.

The loft bedroom


Going upstairs, you will find the bedroom. This can be used as a good loft bedroom reference. The room has windows and skylights that will channel light and air, so the loft bedroom doesn't feel dark or hot. Putting a mattress without a bed reduces the weight of the loft, making it more flexible and comfortable to use as a sleeping area.

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