How to Get Orchid Cactus to Bloom Abundantly - Orchid cactus or the botanical name Epiphyllum is cactus that produces beautiful flowers. The flower of this plant only opens at night and only for a day or two. Although part of cacti, they are not desert plants if you want to see the spectacular flowers. Here we have some information to share with you about How to Get Orchid Cactus to Bloom Abundantly. Let's check it out!

Orchid Cactus (Epiphyllum) description


Native to South America, this plant is an epiphytic that is easy to grow. Also, call with lady of the night, this houseplant can grow by climbing on trees or on rocks. Unlike the other desert cactus cousins, which tend to be round and plump in order to minimize surface area and conserve water, this jungle cactus sports segmented fleshy leaves.

Light, water, and soil


Desert cacti live in the huge sun, but this jungle cactus like to thrive in plenty of light. For growing indoors, you can place the next to any window as it's likely to receive enough sun for it to burn. And Orchid cacti don't like it if their soil dries out, unlike their desert cactus. Because the habitat of this houseplant has good wet. Besides using well-draining soil, a mix of 75% potting soil and 25%perlite or pumice should work well.

Temperature and humidity


Orchid cacti can survive in warmth but can also be exposed to cooler temperatures during winter. Make sure to avoid a temperature below 50 degrees F, it can make this cactus freezing temps. For the humidity, Epiphyllum isn't the fussiest. If the air moisture levels regularly fall below 40%, running a humidifier can be a good idea.



Epiphyllum relatively has poor nutrients environment when they are growing. But, they can have some benefits with the diluted liquid houseplant fertilizer or especially cactus food during the growing season When late winter, give this cactus a dose of low nitrogen fertilizer to stimulate blooming. Make sure don't overdo fertilizer to this plant when they are not actively growing.

Repotting and pruning


Actually, pruning the Orchid cactus is not necessary. But, if you wanna have a stylish houseplant, you can do it. And you can do pruning when the leaves grow long and make them look broken. Like other plants, you can do repotting while these cacti get bigger.

Propagation session


Propagation of this cactus by cutting in simple and easy ways. You can get cutting the leaf and then, leaves them in a dry place for up to a week, so the cut can callous over. Next, insert the sections into your prepared pots so they can't fall over.

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