Decorative Plants with Eye-catching Red Leaves

Decorative Plants with Eye-catching Red Leaves -- The color red is always eye-catching. Likewise with unique red plants. Red leaf ornamental plants are also suitable for planting and decorating the exterior and interior areas of the house. If you are interested, you can start by getting to know this "Decorative Plants with Eye-catching Red Leaves". Let's check it out!

Red Caladium


The combination of beautiful leaf colors as well as their easy and long-lasting care causes the demand for Red Caladium to increase. Care is easy, just need to water it regularly. Red Caladium can be grown in pots. This plant can also be planted directly in an outdoor garden.



Aglaonema or chinese evergreen is a popular plant. A distinctive feature of this plant is plant growth that tends to be slow. There are several color variations of aglaonema, ranging from dark green to silver, but there are also reddish ones. Interestingly, the plant has the shape of large oval leaves with shiny leaves and short-sized stems.

Ti Plant (Cordyline fruticosa)


Ti plant (Cordyline fruticosa) is an evergreen tropical plant with colorful palm-like leaves. In tropical climes, it can be cultivated as a landscape specimen, but it is most commonly grown as a potted houseplant. Plant cultivars with leaf in colors of pink, green, purple, red, and streaked variegated varieties are popular for their colorful, fast-growing, and long-lasting foliage.



This red-leaved poinsettias plant (euphorbia pulcherrima) is very unique. It has no leaves and crown, but grows among blooming red leaves. Usually often used to decorate Christmas decorations. In order to thrive and last a long time, this plant requires optimal humidity levels, cool weather, and tends to be cold. Do not over-water the water and make sure that the drainage system of the poinsettia plant remains adequate, so that the roots do not rot.

Begonia Rex


Begonia is a very popular plant. It is very easy to grow and does not require too much space at home. There are many types of beautiful begonias. One of the most interesting for decorating the house is begonia rex. The widened and tapered shape of the leaves at the corners makes begonia rex look unique. Especially with red color and blackish shades that form a pattern in the center of the leaf.

Mayana (Coleus)


Like the color of the leaves, this mayana or coleus plant has many types. One type of coleus that has red leaves is red coleus atropurpureus. Care is quite easy, water the plant once a day. Put the plant in a well-lit area either in direct sunlight or in a more shaded area. Do not forget to regularly trimming this plant so that it is not too high.

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