7 Plants that You Can't Kill but Still Look Lovely


7 Plants that You Can't Kill but Still Look Lovely

Homiful.com -- With lots of plants, the room will look stunning. Plants have become one of the most important needs in recent years, providing both a visual and a natural way to remove many pollutants from the air. To improve the appearance of the room, choose a plant that is not easy to kill and is suitable for beginners.


This air plant has a distinct and appealing appearance and does not require soil to grow. Its attractive appearance requires only one watering every two weeks and storage in an area with indirect light. 

Peace lily

The peace lily, a plant that is nearly impossible to kill, can add a tropical feel to any room. Its bright white flowers are the most eagerly anticipated to bloom. This plant should be kept in a partially shaded room with some light. Water it infrequently and in excess to keep it from drooping.

Aloe Vera

Another type of succulent that grows in pots or in soil has numerous advantages. It is difficult to kill and is also resistant to changes in temperature and humidity. This plant does not require frequent watering and thrives in a bright location. You can place it around the room's windowsill.

Spider plant 

For beginners, the spider plant is impressive. Its fresh green leaves dangle downward, with striped yellow accents. This plant, which has been a reliable ornamental plant for many years, dies easily. even if you don't water it on a regular basis.

Christmas cactus

It deserves to be on the list of hard-to-kill plants because it is a very popular festive plant that blooms indoors during the winter and holiday season. It is a succulent that thrives in dappled sunlight and absorbs moisture. Its simple upkeep necessitates a very warm indoor environment.

Prayer plant

Maranta plants are well-known for their beautiful leaves and are among the most prominent tropical plants. As ornamental plants in the house, the three-color variety of patterned velvet leaves looks very appealing. Popular as an ornamental plant due to its ease of care and long-term growth.


The zebra plant is a small succulent that grows similar to a miniature aloe vera plant. This plant requires bright lighting, but not direct sunlight. It grows well in sandy soil and is very appealing as a table sweetening plant. Its low maintenance is an excellent opportunity for beginners.

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