7 Lovely Sunflowers to Brighten Your Garden

7 Lovely Sunflowers to Brighten Your Garden 

Homiful.com -- Sunflowers are one of the most popular types of flowers. The beautiful display of bright yellow flowers can be uplifting. But did you know that sunflowers also come in several other varieties that you may not have seen before? As in these "7 Lovely Sunflowers to Brighten Your Garden" below.

Earth Walker 


This type of flower has a combination of three colors at once in its petals. The three colors are red, brown or black, and yellow. And can grow up to 270 cm tall. Earth Walker' is tall, strong and vigorous and produces lovely, multi-headed Sunflowers in warming, open-fire-flame colours of terracotta and rich reddish-brown.

Teddy Bear 


Named Teddy Bear, because this sunflower has one flower petal that expands very beautifully like a teddy bear. A favorite of many ornamental plant enthusiasts, the diameter of the teddy bear even reaches 17 cm. Common sunflower 'Teddy Bear' requires plenty of water during hot weather and during their growth period.

Big Smile 


Big smile stands out by its small size and the ability of its branches to produce several branches. Therefore, you could put it in a pot. Big Smile is a kind of dwarf Helianthus. Ideal for production from spring to summer, but can be produced all year with enough heat. Plants range in height from 6 to 20 inches (15 to 50 cm).

Cherry Rose


This flower has a beautiful purple or reddish color combination on the petals. Then the center is blackish brown. Each Sunflower plant will stand to a mature height of roughly 4 to 6 feet tall. The stems may need support until maturity. Once established, they are very strong and will stand straight.

Velvet Queen 


Like the sunset, this flower comes with a combination of orange, yellow, and black colors. Its advantage is that it can produce 5-8 petals in just one flower stalk. They prefer full sun (although they will tolerate some shade). Taller varieties need protection from the wind and should be placed where they will not cast unwanted shade on other plants. 

Red Sun


As the name implies, red sun is dominated by the dark red color of its petals. In addition, this flower is large. The flowers can reach a diameter of 15 cm and the stems can grow up to 1.5 meters. Sunflowers need full sun (6-8 hours of direct sunlight per day - the more the better if you are trying to grow them to their maximum potential) and are best sown direct where they are to flower. 

Giant Sungold


The characteristic of this flower is the petals that seem to form 2 layers of petals and look so big. In addition, the size of the flower and stalk is also large. It can reach a diameter of 15 cm and a height of 1 meter. Prefers full sun and enjoys moderately fertile, humus-rich, moist, neutral to alkaline, well-drained soils. Site in a sheltered location, as the wind may catch the heavy heads.

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