6 Types of Plants That Perfect for Balcony, Easy to Grow and Eye-Catching

6 Types of Plants That Perfect for Balcony, Easy to Grow and Eye-Catching 

Homiful.com -- Some people who live in urban areas may not have a yard for gardening. Even so, you can still have ornamental plants and gardening. The balcony area at home can be the right place to arrange some plants and make them more beautiful. Choose a type of plant that is easy to care for and grows vertically to have enough space. As in the following "6 Types of Plants That Perfect for Balcony, Easy to Grow and Eye-Catching". Let's check it out!

Sweet Alyssum


The combination of lavender and white colors that this flowering plant gives is enough to rejuvenate your senses. Sweet alyssum contains a soft, sweet-scented fragrance that will make the balcony of the house super fresh all day long. Plant these flower plants in hanging baskets and water them from time to time to keep them blooming. Keep sweet alyssum in the sun to bring out the best out of this flowering plant.

New Guinea Impatient


It is the most durable flowering plant and is a reliable option for a long season. The sparkling and energetic flowers of new guinea impatiens can give the best look when grown in pots compared to hanging baskets. However, this plant should be constantly watered when in very hot temperatures to avoid dry, wrinkled blooms.

Chinese Money Plant


This Chinese Money Plant is from China, can be one option for growing crops on the balcony. Easy to care for this round-leaved plant can be placed on the balcony or inside the house near the window. This plant does not require much space and will withstand in hot weather but with frequent watering.

Rubber Tree


There are also rubber tree that can make the balcony more beautiful. This plant is said to have the ability to improve air quality. With large leaves, rubber plants can absorb and break down chemicals in the air to turn them harmless. Very good for health.



The combination of bright pink and lime green of Caladium leaves is perfect for a garden on the balcony. The Caladium plant has striking heart-shaped leaves that add to its beauty and are sure to attract colorful butterflies. The height of these plants ranges from about 10 inches to two feet. Be sure to buy it depending on the balcony in your home. Place the caladium in a striking white marble pot to create an interesting outdoor atmosphere.



Hibiscus has exotic flowers with beautiful colors so it serves as a beautiful addition to the garden on your balcony. Starting from bright red, sweet pink, to clean and elegant white. This plant needs full sun and water from time to time to grow beautifully. So be sure not to miss the treatment of this plant with enough water and sunlight.

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