6 Low-Maintenance Plants for Apartment Dwellers

6 Low-Maintenance Plants for Apartment Dwellers 

Homiful.com -- Fill your living area with houseplants to boost your mood and help clean the air. People who live in apartments, condos, lofts, or other small living spaces, on the other hand, must consider which houseplants are best for them. Fortunately, there are "6 Low-Maintenance Plants for Apartment Dwellers" that are both lovely and easy to care for.

Silver Sprinkles (Pilea glauca)


Silver Sprinkles features beautiful small silvery leaves. It grows slowly, making it an excellent choice for a side table or a bookcase shelf. Silver Sprinkles will be happy with four to six hours of bright light every day. Keep it properly wet and avoid overwatering or it will drop its leaves in an unwelcome shower of silvery snow.

Zebra Plant (Haworthia fasciata)


It's no surprise that the Zebra Plant is now one of the most popular apartment plants. It's compact (8 inches tall at most), low-maintenance, and light-tolerant, especially when compared to other succulents. This little plant would look great on a kitchen table, book shelf, or bathroom vanity. As long as your bedroom has a window, it's even an excellent alternative for the rear of the toilet tank.

Dwarf Snake Plant (Sansiveria trifasciata hahnii)


It's one of the most durable plants for apartments. Even if you've always failed with houseplants, you'll have a fair chance with a dwarf Snake Plant. This houseplant is ideal for a bedside table, coffee table, or kitchen table because it tolerates both low and high light levels. Purchasing the dwarf type means it will only grow to be eight to ten inches tall. 

Panda Paws (Kalanchoe tomentosa)


This plant's leaves do resemble fluffy panda paws. Panda Paws is a succulent with fine, fuzzy white hairs that has to dry out between waterings. It requires a lot of light, therefore a window facing south or west is ideal. Panda Paws can grow up to two feet tall; clip it back once a year to keep it shorter if necessary. 

Happy Bean or Pincushion Peperomia (Peperomia ferreyrae)


This apartment houseplant grows to only 10 inches tall. It necessitates intense but indirect sunshine. The leaves of Happy Bean plants are thick and succulent-like, like green bean pods. Though the plant must be watered on a regular basis, they like to be kept dry. 

Wax Vine (Hoya carnosa)


Wax Vines are trailing houseplants with leathery leaves and slender vines. Train the vines to grow on a topiary form or let them to grow freely outside of the pot. When these apartment plants are happy and healthy, they produce clusters of star-shaped blossoms. The blossoms are waxy and shiny, with a lovely but not overpowering scent.

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