7 Reasons You Need A Peace Lily Plant in Your Home

Homiful.com -- Peace lily is a very popular houseplant. It has many advantages for you to have one or several at home. The peace lily is also suitable plant for beginner or even expert indoor gardeners. If you're still in doubt, find out about the 7 reasons you need a peace lily plant in your home, below!

Reason 1 : The ultimate beauty


The first reason to have a peace lily at home is for its beauty. The common peace lily produces flowers with white spathes that are so elegant. There are also Picasso peace lilies, which have white variegation on their green foliage. Picasso's peace lily will undoubtedly add a touch of elegance to your living space.

Reason 2: Plants for everyone


The peace lily is a plant for everyone. This is because it is easy to care for, whether you are a beginner or an expert gardener. Peace lily loves weekly watering, especially when the top soil feels dry to the touch. This lovely plant does well in low-light situations, but it prefers bright, indirect light. Proper care will make this plant bloom.

Reason 3: Powerful air-purifying plant


Peace lily is one of the most effective indoor plant for cleaning the air out of harmful toxins. This plant removes, formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia, and ethylene (TCE) from the air. The NASA study found peace lily is able to remove 23% TCE over 24 hours from the indoor air.

Reason 4: Promote a quality of rest


Peace lily is good for the bedroom. It increases humidity and produces oxygen. Peace lily can also prevent mold from growing in the room. Therefore, putting one or more peace lilies in your room will help you get a better sleep.

Reason 5: Plant that absorbs acetone vapor


Painted furniture that goes some varnish will produce acetone vapors. Acetone vapor will make you dizzy if inhaled. Luckily, peace lilies will absorb acetone vapor from the air and make the indoor air healthier and fresher to breathe.

Reason 6: Plants that can grow in water


Peace lily is a plant that you can propagate with water propagation method. You can separate the roots from the leaves, clean them off the soil, and place them in a clear vase filled with clean water. Peace lily can live for a long time in water with proper care. It will make stunning living decoration at home.

Reason 7: Peace lily boost our mental health


This plant is often used as a gift for those in mourning. The fresh green foliage and elegant white flowers are expected to be a motivation to let go and get back on track. A well-maintained peace lily will look healthy and fresh, it can be a helpful plant to lower the level of tension in our mind.

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