6 Pet-Friendly Plants That Safe to Grow Indoor


6 Pet-Friendly Plants That Safe to Grow Indoor

Homiful.com --  Plants and pets, of course, are two difficult choices. Because some plants might be dangerous for our pets, of course we don't want our pets to be in danger. Did you know that there are plants that are safe and harmless for pets? Now grab your boots and gloves, let's get started with these "6 Pet-Friendly Plants That Are Safe to Grow Indoor". 

Bird’s Nest Fern


This squiggly green fern thrives in the low light and fluctuating humidity conditions seen in restrooms. Your tooth-brushing routine has just become a lot more appealing. In the spring and summer, keep your bird's nest fern in loose, fast-draining soil and fertilize it regularly. These plants can thrive in temperatures ranging from 60 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. When the earth on top of yours seems dry to the touch, water it thoroughly.

Spider Plant


This plant is popular among veterinarians since it is easy to cultivate indoors and very resistant. Spider plants are also excellent air purifiers, so they can assist in the removal of toxins from your home. Spider plants dislike bright light. (it scorches their leaves). Though they can withstand lower light levels, they thrive best in indirect strong light at temperatures ranging from 60 to 80 degrees F.

Baby Tears


The flowing tendrils of this Baby Tears plant were almost made to attract cats. Even if you put it in a high-up indoor hanging basket, your intelligent kitten might find a way to get to it. But don't worry, it won't be harmed. 

In addition to being suitable for pet owners, this is an excellent choice for novice gardeners. Choose a site with 70-80 degree F temps and filtered sunshine, and keep the soil moist. If this plant becomes thirsty, it will soon begin to wilt, so water it frequently!

Friendship Plant


This pilea mollis is also known as the friendship plant due to its ease of propagation and sharing with friends! The friendship plant has elaborately patterned leaves that are soft to the touch and safe for your pets to play with. The little plant grows 6-12 inches tall and may thrive in low light conditions as long as it receives a few hours of sunlight each day. The shrub will occasionally blossom with pale pink buds.

Parlor Palm


Place one on a cabinet or nightstand away from a window, as this palm requires only a few hours of indirect light every day. Parlor palms are naturally slow growers, taking several years to reach a height of three to four feet. For the greatest results, keep this guy out of direct sunlight and his soil evenly moist.

Rattlesnake Plant


The rattlesnake plant (Calathea lancifola) is an excellent accent to a low-light living area because of its vibrant colors, distinctively shaped leaves, and simple watering schedule. Can you picture that quirky purple on the undersides of the leaves next to your midcentury chair? 

Rattlesnake plants thrive in loose, fast-draining soil that can be fertilized on a monthly basis. (though hold off in the fall and winter). These fellows flourish at a temperature range of 70-80 degrees F, away from direct sunlight. 

They require watering when the top of the soil feels dry to the touch; they also benefit from a spritz if their leaves appear dry. 

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