Tiny Kitchen Ideas That Won't Break the Bank

Homiful.com -- For those of us who live in small houses, having a small kitchen may be our only option. People sometimes get frustrated with small kitchens. In fact, with the proper planning, a small or tiny kitchen can be a fun space that supports the hobby of home cooking.

We've gathered some tiny kitchen ideas and design that will inspire you to make the most of the smallest space in your home as a lovely kitchen.

Tiny blue kitchen with an elegant look

You can optimize your tiny kitchen with a bright blue look like this. Apply ceiling-blue tiles for the kitchen walls and solid blue tiles for the floor. Choose your countertop in any way you want; the small size won't break your bank. It's a good idea to go with a U-shaped countertop with a metallic finish that complements the blue cabinet underneath.

Classic tiny kitchen for tiny home

Tiny house mostly used this kind of tiny kitchen design. The kitchen is organized as compactly as possible in order to fit the sink, stove, countertop, and cabinets. Glass windows that will light and give the room airy feel. Adding a folding dining/bar table will increase the functionality of the dining area around this tiny kitchen.

Tiny kitchen with minimal display cabinet

Embrace tiny spaces and minimize clutter. This tiny kitchen is designed for a single person. Apply minimalist design and decor to a functional kitchen. A simple shelf replaces the cabinet to create a sense of space. Display kitchen appliances and some cooking utensils in bright red color to give this kitchen personality.

Raising shelves and adding a bar counter

Tiny kitchen make it difficult to store your cooking utensils. Experiment with raising the floating shelves to three levels almost to the ceiling. You will have more open storage space. Another option is to add a nice bar counter as a divider and increase the workspace in a small kitchen.

All-white tiny kitchen

A tiny kitchen in a studio apartment should not look out of place. Use a color scheme that complements the interior design. A white kitchen will make the space feel light, clean, and airy. White is also a versatile color that works well with wooden flooring; it creates a cozy kitchen feel.

Opt for floating shelves

Upper cabinets are not only expensive, but they will also make your small space feel even cramped. Choose more streamlined and space-saving options, such as floating shelves. Floating shelves are ideal for displaying favorite dishes or frequently used items. Just make sure it's firmly attached to avoid problems.

Add pop of color

You may have made your tiny kitchen as simple as possible. However, don't make it too plain, it can look lifeless. Incorporate pops of color that energize it, as simple as putting items in red that give the kitchen a more playful personality.

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