Plants with Holes in the Leaves Work Best in Windows

Plants with Holes in the Leaves Work Best in Windows - - Plants with hollow leaves have an exotic appearance and grow well. Because plants are amazing plants that are lovely in any home or setting. Plants, in addition to being attractive, can improve air quality. increase oxygen availability, and act as a water purifier. A luxurious, elegant-looking whole-leaved plants may entice you. However, try once to pay attention to the hole-leaved plants; this will be more unique to add to your collection.

Monstera obliqua peru


Monstera obliqua peru is a monstera species native to Central and South America. Including rare plant species that are difficult to find even in their natural habitat. This plant appears to be Monstera adansonii at first glance. The distinctive is more pronounced with leaves that have more holes than the leaf surface. Has a slow growth rate and prefers bright temperatures with partial light.

Monstera Obliqua


Many gardeners and beginners prefer this broad-leaved ornamental plant. Monstera obliqua is distinguished by its hollow leaves. Small in size, growing up to 20 inches tall, and with a relatively thin stem compared to others. This creeping plant enjoys climbing the growing medium. In its natural habitat, it can reach a height of 2 - 5 meters and required pruning.

Monstera adansonii


The leaves of this tropical plant from Central and South America appear to be heart-shaped. Circular penetration with a distinct appearance, bein one of the best fenetrated plants from which to choose. The holes in this plant will grow larger as it ages. As a houseplant, this plant that resembles Monstera deliciosa is very attractive.

Monstera deliciosa


The following is a monstera deliciosa plant native to Central American rainforest. This plant typically grows about 2 feet tall per year. By nature, glossy heart-shaped leaves have distinct hemispheres. This plant grows well outdoors all year and produces tan cream colors flowers that are pollinated by bee. This plant is beautiful but it is poisonous to animals. 

Philodendron Epipromenoides


This is unique hollow-leaved monstera from Nicaragua, Central America. The leaves have become hollower, larger, and more numerous. The leaves have a bark-like texture, are green or maroon in color, and are typically found behind large trees in the rainforests. When mature, the leaves can be 35 - 55 cm in size and prefer filtered high humidity. Because of its unique and elegant appearance, this plant will be  very expensive. 


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