Low-Maintenance Snake Plant Great Addition for Room

Low-Maintenance Snake Plant Great Addition for Room

Homiful.com -- The snake plant, sansevieria, is also known as the mother-in-tongue. Law's succulent plant that are easy to care for are plentiful options for beginners. Plant is ideal for rooms that thrive in a variety of light conditions. There are numerous species, but the five most common are chosen because they are easy to care for and can absorb toxic substance in the environment.

Sansevieria Samurai Dwarf


Blue sansevieria, also known as ehrenbergii, is a snake plant that grows slowly. The canoe-shaped leaves and channels along the leaves appear stacked, giving them the appearance of fan. This snake plant has blue, gray or dark green leaves. Ehrenbergii can grow up to 5 feet tall with leaves up to 3 inches wide. Similar to any other sansevieria that require minimal watering and optimal lighting.

Sansevieria Kirkii - Sansevieria Cleopatra


Star sansevieria is the most visually appealing of the many snake plant varieties. When fully mature, the leaves can grow to be 6 feet tall and 3 inches wide. This indoor plant will remain small and have narrow leaves. It has dark green leaves with crepe color spots and only produces flowers rare occasions

Sansevieria Fernwood


Caniculata is a lovely snake plant. The coiled leaves grow underground from the rhizome. This plant is frequently used as a decorative option for rooms with cylindrical leaves. This plant would have grown to height of 3 feet and a dimatera of about 1 inch during his lifetime. This sansevieria blooms in spring with pale white or pale green flowers that are the same shape as the leaves.

sansevieria Hahnii


This cultivar, also known as golden hahnii, is descended from the snake plant species trifasciata. Plants that contrast visually prefer the location of the room. This hahnii is dwarf and grows to a maximum height of about 4 inches. The color of the leaves is mesmerizing, like dark green with a contrast of yellow green. 

Some of them have dominant yellow green and dark green edges. During the summer and fall, the plant produces white flowers with a green tinge. Watering is only necessary when the soil is dry.

Sansevieria Trifasciata


 One of the most common and easily found snake plant species is trifasciata. The plant's leaves are tall and pointed. This light green and dark green pattern on the leaves can also be found in other cultivars such as Laurenti. Trifasciata can reach a height of 3 feet. 

Plant does not require much watering during the winter, and it is also dependent on hot sunlight every week to one day. Make sure not to overwater because this can damage the roots and cause them to die. 

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