List of Indoor Plants to Make a Beauty Statement at Home -- Plants can make any statement you want in your home. Big-leafed tropical plants will undoubtedly help you make a big tropical statement. What about making a stunning statement in the room? Don't worry, some indoor plants can make it. With beautiful leaves or blooming flowers, plants can make a beautiful statement that makes your room more special.

Here's a list of indoor plants to make a beauty statement at home.

Beautiful Caladium


Caladiums are becoming a popular house plant. With heart-shaped leaves in variegated colors ranging from green with white to silvery speckles to pretty pink caladium. These plants thrive in moderately bright but indirect light.

Caladium enjoys moist soil, make the sure the soil is damp but not muddy. Placing it in this chic planter will add a beautiful caladium statement to your windowsill.

Stunning Homalomena Mint


This is a flowering plant from the Araceace family. Native to southern Asia and the southwestern Pacific, it will make a lovely tropical statement. Homalomena has exceptional leaf shapes and colors. It can have a mint green color or even foliage in an eye-catching pink color. This plant grow best in medium-to-bright, indirect light.

The Silver Squill

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Your room tends to be dry? You can choose silver squill. The silver squill (Ledebouria socialis) comes from the dry savannas of South Africa. It is a tough and hardy small plants. The plant has long green leaves with green leopard pattern, which gives an exotic statement and look. The silver squill will surely refresh your dry living space.

Spineless Yucca


Spineless yucca will give you a youthful, robust look. This plant can grow upright with spindly green leaves. You can plant it in a sandy, but well-draining potting mix. Planting it in a classic black pot will make an elegant statement wherever you place it. Keep it away from cold drafts, as it will die.

Tropical Calathea Lutea


Calathe lutea is a decorative plant that will make a big tropical statement in your home. With large, wide leaves that will remind you of shady banana leaves. Calathea lutea will give a fresh visual in your home. The plant loves bright light and high humidity, so make sure your home is humid enough for it to grow happily.

The Stunning Hoya


Hoya with its green waxy leaves and pretty cluster flowers with fragrant scents will give you a sweet and pretty space all day long. Hoya plants are best grown as hanging plants. Let the leaves and flowers dangle beautifully to become a living decoration that amazes anyone who sees it.

Awesome Rhaphidophora Tetrasperma

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Many people believe that this is a monstera plant. This is a Rhaphidophora tetrasperma also known as monstera minima. A perennial vine that has beautiful fenestrated leaves. You can grow it in a unique way, as shown. Let it grow trailing upwards on the wall, attach its green stems with a special hook, and this plant will make a small corner nicer.

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