How to Get Flowers from The Peace Lily -- Peace lily is loved for its green foliage that gives off a refreshing tropical vibe. Not only that, as the name suggests, the peace lily grows elegant white lily flowers even though it is not a true lily. It's just that not everyone manages to grow its white flowers, much to our frustration. For you, here's a quick tip for how to get flowers from the peace lily.

Starting from the right potting soil


The peace lily flower grows from the stem just like its leaves. It starts with a small spathe wrapped tightly around a hidden spadix. Plant peace lilies in well-drained sol that's not waterlogged. Make sure no roots emerge from the container's drainage holes. You also need to know the rootbound peace lily lower the chance of peace lilies flowering.

Provide enough light


One peace lily will produce one or two white hooded blooms. The white flowers will last for more than a month. You can place more than one peace lily in one container to make it look like it has more flowers. Place the plant in bright but indirect light to grow the flowers. Keep away from excess bright light that will trigger photosynthesis on the spathe and make it green rather than white.

Give it ideal warmth


Keep your home at temperature close to a tropical climate to encourage peace lily. Temperatures ranging from 65 to 85 degrees F. Peace lilies can also be placed in a spot with high humidity such as the kitchen or bathroom. Avoid drafts, such as air conditioners, which cause their inability to flower.

Water requirement


Peace lily enjoys moist conditions. You can water this elegant plant twice of three times per week. The peace lily can survive without regular watering in some cases, but this prevents the flowers from blooming. When the leaves wilt or turn yellow, it means the peace lily needs to be watered.

Give them food


Peace lily needs additional food other than what is available in the potting soil. You can add houseplant fertilizer and feed it once or twice in two months. Don't overfeed; more fertilizer doesn't make the peace lily bloom faster and more.

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