Creating a Heavenly Interior with Plants and Warm Accents -- Your home may be more beautiful that you realize. It just takes a little extra effort and creativity to have a heavenly interior. Plants and calm color accents will help you. Presenting a cozy interior styling inspirations that you may steal the creativity from every design and decoration of this space.

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Natural light and corner arrangement


Natural light is more comfortable during the day, so make sure your space has windows or access to light that will make your room bright. The light will make every detail of your furniture and interior arrangement look stunning. Don't hesitate to use furniture in the corner of the room like this; you get a wider center space and a well-filled corner).

Bring your space to life with plants

Create your own indoor jungle paradise. Plants can be used to decorate your craft room or hobby table. Place potted plants on either side of the chair to keep you company. Liven it up by hanging plants or training monstera vines to grow on pole supports for an exotic tropical leafy display.

Feel the warmth of calm colors


You may decorate your bedroom with plants as beautiful and vibrant as these. Create a heavenly bedroom for yourself by combining the right colors and materials. Consider earthy tones for the bedding, sapphire green for the sheer, and burgundy with artistic pattern for the rug. The result is a fresh, calming, and warm sleeping space.

Highlight the vertical space

When you use a low bed like this, you can highlight the height of the space to create a spacious and airy feel. This can be done by hanging curtains from the windows until they reach the floor. You can also train vines such as pothos to climb the walls. This plant give a lively jungle feel without being overdoing, especially in a small space.

Perfect night lighting

You should also have perfect night lighting. Not just general lighting but also accent or task lighting that will set the mood. Make the room so warm and romantic with dim lighting as an accent light. String lights or decorative lamps placed in a rattan hood, such as this one provide this dim light.

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