8 Indoor Plants That Absorb CO2 at Night

 Homiful.com - Plants can absorb CO2 and then release oxygen during the daytime. It gives the environment good air quality and reduces pollutants. Then, here we will share 8 Indoor Plants That Absorb CO2 at Night. Check it out!

Snake plants


Snake plants or Sansevieria is a popular houseplants that also can absorb CO2 and reduce oxygen. They can be grown indoors as well as outdoors equally well. Snake plants are also low maintenance and perfect for beginners.

Areca palm


Mostly used for decoration because of their beauty, Areca palm also provides benefits for the environment. They can absorb CO2 and remove pollutants. This houseplant releases moisture into the air, making it more breathable and causing the bedroom occupants to fall asleep quickly and easily.



Include low-maintenance houseplant Pothos also efficiently absorb CO2. And this houseplant is good air purifying that is perfect to improve your home appearance.



An Orchid is a beautiful flower that has exotic look. And the flower of this houseplant offer vibrant colored, fragrant blooms, and are the perfect choice to settle in the corner of the room.

Chinese evergreen


Mostly found, the Chinese evergreen is a houseplant that can remove the pollutant from the air and absorb the CO2 at night. This houseplant also develops better in fully shaded places instead of outdoors.

Neem tree


A neem tree is a houseplant that purifies the air and absorbs CO2 at night. You can grow them inside, especially in the center of the court of the house.



Tulsi is a houseplant with medicinal benefits. They often call the queen of herbs for its endless beneficial qualities. Tulsi pulls off harmful gases such as carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, and carbon monoxide from the air, boosting the overall air quality.

Aloe vera


According to a NASA study, Aloe vera can categorize beneficial plants. This houseplant can absorb CO2 at night and neutralize the air effects of benzene and formaldehyde.

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