7 Unique Houseplant With Heart-shaped Leaves

7 Unique Houseplant With Heart-shaped Leaves

Homiful.com -- Ornamental plants have a variety of leaf shapes, sizes, and colors. Do you want to fill your home with love by using heart-shaped leaf plants? You can choose one of them for the best heart-shaped leaf plant. This list is for those of you looking for the best plant varieties.

Anthurium Andreanum


Anthurium is a lovely plant with colorful flowers and heart-shaped leaves. Will create a tropical atmosphere as well as a romantic impression of the red spathe shaped heart. Also known as flamingo flowers, they come in a variety of pink and red hues. It enjoys the ideal amount of light and looks lovely on the windowsill.

Hoya Kerrii


This plant has no leaves but is shaped like a heart. It grows well in any room with a wax coating. It is ideal for small pots and prefers direct sunlight. It does not tolerate stagnant wet water.

Philodendron Gloriosum


The following heart-shaped leaf plants must be included in the list of indoor gardens. Philodendron glorious is a lovely plant with large dark green leaves and white veins on the underside. This plant is very showy and attractive in the room. You can grow an ornamental plant in the shade and get partial light. 



This tropical monstera has large-shaped leaves. It is not only full of heart shapes, but it also stands out because it is hollow. This monstera will have numerous aerial roots that prefer soft indirect light and optimal humidity.

Philodendron Brazil


Philodendron Brazil was also included in the list of house plants with small heart-shaped leaves, The plant is difficult to kill, its dense green leaves look lovely in baskets, and it can bloom in the summer. It prefers dim lighting and is best suited for rooms or offices where it can absorb unpleasant odors and pollutants.



This arrow plant's leaf does resemble a heart shape. The varieties are numerous, and the majority grow well indoors with little maintenance and are drought tolerant. This plant can be placed in any room, including a humid bathroom.

String of Hearts


One of the most amazing is this heart-shaped plant. With a small green appearance, few veins, and a slight purple tint, these strands of hearts grow well in hanging baskets. In the winter, it prefer drier soil and less water. There are numerous methods for easy propagation.

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