7 Tropical Plant that Grow Well Indoor

7 Tropical Plant that Grow Well Indoor 

Homiful.com -- Tropical plants can provide the house with fresh and cooler colors. With plants, the house's atmosphere will appear striking and extraordinary. Although some plants require special care, you can manage them by properly lighting, watering, and fertilizing them. The tropical plants on this list are suitable for any room in the house and are resistant to cold winters and cool climates, as well as being tolerant outdoors in the summer.

Alocasia Amazonica


The Alocasia Amazonica have a leafy appearance. Large size, arrow shape, and silver line. The plant produces numerous varieties and thrives in fertile pots that dry out quickly. This Southeast Asian plant can grow to be 2 feet tall and 2 feet wide. Indoor tropical plants that require little care are the best choice.

Ficus Benjamin


The uncomplicated plant grows well by shedding its leaves when it is windy or cold. This ficus requires a lot of warmth and moisture. During the growing season, water regularly and allow the soil to dry put between waterings. These plants can grow up to 6 feet tall and require no maintenance.



This tropical plant, whose flowers are highly valued, has a bright red spadix and a yellow spadix. This fairly common cultivar thrives in well-drained fertile pots.
This pink leaf plant could be a good add addition to your collection. Loves indirect light will full illumination.

Calathea Triostar


This plant genus belongs to the marantaceae family and is native to the America tropical plant. The leaves are lovely, with vibrant colors that complement the decor. This calathea prefers shade, and some varieties' leaves curl at night. Adjust its position to ensure that it does not overheat and remains in the shade.



Bromeliads are the most common tropical plants that thrive in any environment. The plant is water-tolerant whether in a pot or in the ground. You can make it as a garden or garden plant with a variety of flower colors, leaves that look like snake plants, and a little texture.



There are numerous indoors plants that can grow either outdoors or indoors. Philodendron fresh green heart-shaped leaves with veins and easily becomes a climbing plant prefers medium indirect light. Low maintenance requires only proper lighting and watering.

Peace lily


This lovely white spathe plant requires little care and grows very lush indoors. This plant thrive in 40-degree Fahrenheit temperatures and prefers indirect moderate light. The afternoon sun should be avoided because it can burn the leaves and flowers.

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