7 Indoor Plants Thrive in Water Without Clogged Soil!

7 Indoor Plants Thrive in Water Without Clogged Soil!

Homiful.com -- Anyone's most memorable experience is caring for houseplants. Even beginners will enjoy plant care if they are aware of numerous pleasant conveniences. Growing plants in water without soil is one of them, and it will be simple to do. You can make it as both a houseplant and a decoration. If you are looking for house plants that grow without soil, the following suggestions are ideal.



This Chinese money plant is a low-maintenance plant that thrives in soil or water. However, you can multiply by using water and indirect bright light. This pilea is ideal for house table decoration.



All philodendron varieties have the ability to grow and propagate in water. Use any type, cut it 6 inches long, and store it in a clear jar. Place it in an area that receives indirect light. Keep an eye on the water and change it every 3 - 4 days to ensure that it grows continuesly.



In warm climates, this hardy plant with predominantly purple leaf color spreads like a weed. Purple tradescantia varieties are very diverse and look fantastic in a decorative basket plant. Plant them in a terrarium for easy growing indoor plants.



You can grow a prayer plant in water by taking cuttings. This dark green and veined foliage will look great in a space. With proper care, this indoor plant grows well in water.



This elongated, creeping plant is also know as arrowhead or syngonium. Grow with easy care, water propagation is also strongly recommended. Because new roots grow more easily in water that is changed as frequently as possible. If it has continued to grow and produce new and beautiful plants, move it to the ground.



Begonia, as seen, is a tropical plant that comes in a variety of shades and colors. This plant can be easily propagated in water; keep it in a vase or clear bowl. Change the water ass often as possible to keep it lush.



Pothos is a lovely heart-shaped creeping leaf plant. This plant is yet another option for water-based plant propagation. Cut a piece of the stem and place it in a clear vase. It will make an interesting room decoration. Maintain adequate oxygen levels by changing the water every few days.

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