7 Houseplants That Can Survive in Darkest Corner

Homiful.com -- A house that doesn't have much natural light shouldn't discourage you from having plants. There are some plants that are so adaptable. They can even live in a corner that lacks sunlight. Repeated neglect will still make these plants grow, though perhaps a little slower. What are these plants? Find out in 7 houseplants that can survive in the darkest corner.

1.  ZZ plant


The ZZ plant is one of the hardiest indoor plants. This plant survive well with little sunlight; in fact, excessive direct sunlight will make the leaves scorch. ZZ plant is also great for forgetful one to water the plants; having thick leaves make ZZ plant drought-resistant. Overwatering will cause the ZZ plant to shrivel and wilt.

2. Snake plant


Sansevieria, or better known as snake plant, is a plant that lives well even in dark corners. This plant is so adaptable. You can water it once a month, neglect it repeatedly, and it will still grow upright and firm.  A little light won't make it just die; the snake plant will grow, maybe slower than in bright light conditions.

3. Staghorn fern


Staghorn fern grows under a tree canopy, which makes it grow well in low to bright, indirect light. If necessary, add sheers to windows to keep direct sunlight from damaging the fronds. The elongated leaves of the staghorn fern give your home an extravagant look.

4. Parlor palm


Chamindora palm, or parlor palm will add a touch of elegance to your space. This plant does not like too much direct sunlight because it will make the leaves burn and scorch. Parlor palms will survive in low to medium with indirect light, even in an artificial light.

5. Cast-iron plant


Aspidistra elatior, or the cast iron plant, has earned a reputation as a nearly indestructible plant. This plant is proven to survive in greenhouse with Victorian glass. The cast iron plant also grow in low-light environments. You may need to wipe its leaves from dust with a damp cloth to keep it fresh at home.

6. English ivy


Ivy can grow in a corner with little light, although it does like medium light. This plant is relatively easy to care for. You only need to water when the soil feels dry. The beautiful dangling leaves are good for you if you want to make ivy into a hanging plant.

7. Dragon tree


An indoor dragon tree (Dracaena marginata) has spiky leaves that can grow tall like this one. This plant is almost hard to kill. You can place it a corner with low to medium, indirect light. The dragon tree will give you such a magnificent statement even in darkest corner.

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