7 Colorful Houseplant that Stand Out from Shades of Green

7 Colorful Houseplant that Stand Out from Shades of Green

Homiful.com -- The green color will give the impression of a just and tropical atmosphere to the garden or interior of the house. Meanwhile, colors with a tinge mixed with gradation or rainbow colors in the garden and room will  be a good choice. You can get some of these plants to put in the room. Choose his favorites from the following interesting reviews:



Coleus are colorful houseplant you must choose. They are not propagated yet, they're getting bigger each day. Fortunately, this plant grows well indoors and will add a festive touch to your home and garden. There is a wide range of options available, including festive graded purple, green, orange, and pink.

Philodendron Pink Princess


This pink princess is a popular choice. Because of this variation, a rare plant can be passed down from one plant to the next. When you have this plant, the color of the pink leaves will bring you good luck. Because it is very beautiful and relatively easy to care for, the color is quite variegated, which you will not find in other plants.



Looking for a colorful houseplant to brighten up your space. The beautiful cyclamen should do the trick. Place in bright, indirect sunlight. Make sure not to water too much, the soil should be slightly moist but avoid stagnant water. Remove old flowers and leaves by pulling the stem at the base to keep your  plant looking beautiful and to stimulate new flower growth.



Our kalanchoe is a colorful houseplant that will brighten your space up this time of the year. It likes full-sun, well-drained soil, and a occasional fertilizing. Kalanchoe are pretty easy houseplant to grow and make for great gifts.

Rex Begonia


Begonia is a speckled plant that comes in a variety of colors. The pattern, leaf color, and shape of the rex begonia are similar to those of other types. The colors are very inviting, stand out, and give any room a festive tropical feel. It is also simple to care for, grows well in water, and prefers light with shade.

Beautiful Succulent


There are so gorgeous right now after being a little stress out for awhile. Their stems had rooted but the plant grew new roots from the head in orde to reach the soil below for water. Nature is beautiful. No filter used but were just sprayed with water.

Peperomia Pink lady


This plant can thrive under indoor grow lights. Making it a good choice for an office plant. Keep soil barely moist. Allow the top inch of soil to dry between waterings. Water less in winter, allowing the top hal of the soil to dry out before watering again,


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