7 Beautiful Indoor Plants that Will Brighten Up Any Room in the House

7 Beautiful Indoor Plants that Will Brighten Up Any Room in the House

Homiful.com -- Indoor plants can provide life and a brighter atmosphere because they are easy to care for. The green touch will be elegant and appear to stand out wherever you place the plants, enhancing the details of the space that are lacking. The requirements for bringing the plant into the room are quite simple: perfect lighting and regular watering. Check out the following indoor plants that are suitable for any home.


Spanish lavender


This colorful and aromatic plants is most likely a natural air freshener. This lavender can be kept in the bedroom or living room with proper care. Water when the soil is dry, and use proper lighting. Because this is toxic, keep it out of reach of pets.

Frizzle Sizzle 


This one-of-a-kind plant with the scientific name albuca spiralis is ideal for any room in the house. When in bloom, the flowers are lovely, with a delicate vanilla-like arom. The plant is drought tolerant and prefers partial sunlight.



This ponytail has a unique shape and is easy to care for. Stout stems and long, ponytail-like leaves dangle down. This plant requires indirect bright light and prefers to be watered on a regular basis. 

Air plants


This room gem comes in variety of colors and can be used in almost any room with indirect lighting. Air plants require moisture from a single water spray and do not require soil as a growing medium. Stick it on the wall or garland to add a lively accent.

Passion flower


Gardeners and beginners, for the most part, select easy-to-care-for indoor plants. You can add a spectacular color spectrum to the room by using passion flower plants. This climbing plants is appropriate for a windows space and surroundings. Put them in hanging basket to make the space look like a vine forest. However, passion flowers are toxic to both animals and humans. It only requires bright light for treatment.

Peperomia Obtusifolia


Having plants as a table decoration is very interesting and adds to the freshness. These thick, shiny green leaves are ideal for any room. When the soil is dry, the plant appreciates being watered.

English ivy


English ivy is perennial that will undoubtedly grow in the room. This plant looks great in hanging baskets or mixed with other taller ornamental plants. It is poisonous, so keep it away from pets.

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