7 Attractive Flowers that Grow Without Soil

Homiful.com -- It's a lot of fun growing plants without soil. It's perfect for those of you who don't have a lot of space; you won't get dirty handling soil, and having unique plant displays is a big plus.

This time, we'll show you 7 beautiful flowers that grow without soil. You can easily grow them in pebbles, peat, coconut coir, or water. Place them an a vase in a nice post for aesthetic decoration at home.


1. Blooming Hyacinth in water

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Hyacinths are simple flowers, but full of beauty. Flowers in vibrant colors and heavenly fragrances can thrive indoors. You only need a glass jar with a narrow neck to soak the hyacinth bulb in water. Within a few weeks, the bulb will begin to root. The flowers will bloom fragrantly in the middle of winter, especially if you put it in bright and warm location.

2. Amaryllis Bulbs in Glass

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Amaryllis has beautiful, large blooms with a pleasant floral note fragrance. Amaryllis grows happily and brings out is pretty flowers with nothing more than water and stones. When growing an amaryllis bulb, make sure the bottom of the bulb is being placed in water and stone to encourage root growth. Place it in a warm, sunny spot.

3. Orchid in Hanging Planter

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Orchids are indoor flowers that look stunning and classy. You can grow this flower plant without water but using peat moss, coconut husks, fir bark, and spaghnum moss. Take it a step further by having an attractive hanging orchid planter like this.

4. Anthurium in water

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Your anthurium will look stunning on the window sill. Not only in potting soil, you can also grow them in water. Make sure to soak only the root to prevent rotting of the stems and leaves. Anthurium with with or red spathe will provide a lovely contrast with tropical tones, especially in a sunny window.

5. Amazing tulips in a glass jar

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A flower that symbolizes perfect love. You can grow tulips indoors without soil. Tulips will grow from bulbs soaked in water. Forcing tulips to grow in glass jar is quite easy. You can add stones to the water to keep the entire tulip bulb from being submerged. Tulips will flower in 12 to 16 weeks.

6. Paperwhite Narcissus

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Grow paperwhite narcissus from its bulbs. You just need to place the bulbs in water with pebbles like this, not fully submerged. The roots will touch the water when they emerge. Some other tips recommend adding an alcohol solution when the bulb shoots are long enough to encourage flowers.

7. Water Lilies


Try to have aquatic plants, it's as easy as growing water lilies. Choose dwarf-sized for an aquatic table plant option. Fill the water with rocks, and a holder. Use aquatic fertilizer to encourage growth and healthy flowers. Place them in a spot with plenty of sunlight to keep them happy.

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