Simple Living Room Ideas with Fresh Plants -- If you enjoy living with plants, a living room with fresh plants will make you happy. Decorating a living room with plants can be quite tricky, especially if you have a small living room. Filling it with lots of plants will limit your space and make the room feel claustrophobic. Find out ideas and simple arrangement for simple living room ideas with fresh plants.

Few but impactful


You can make your living room feel cozy with some plants. Don't be greedy and overcrowd the space with many plants for a small square footage. Choose indoor plants that are simple to care for. You can put dracaena for a tall statement, pothos plants to liven up the space, and calathea plants for a fresh tropical vibe.

Stress-free zone with plants


Adding plants should relax you, not make you feel overwhelmed. Place plants in areas that don't interfere with your activities, such as placing potted plants next to the sofa and near the window. Other plants can be arranged on a floating shelves right above the sofa.

Cabinet and display rack for plants


Create a minimalist version of an indoor jungle. Place should be placed in strategic location, not blocking space or light. You can hang one or more. Instead of a TV cabinet, create a solid brick shelf to neatly arrange indoor plants in rows.  Other small plants look elegant on the display open cabinet, as shown.

Relaxing corner by the window


Many indoor plants love bright, indirect light, such as that provided by a windowsill. This makes it a great place to grow plants. You can dedicate a corner with a window for indoor gardening. Bring a bench with soft cushions to occasionally relax here with your plants.

Memory wall with plants


Make your wall of memorable photos even more special. Neatly mounted picture frames are highlighted with neatly arranged indoor plants underneath. The gray tones of the photos contrast beautifully with the fresh greenery.

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