Modern Bohemian Style with Timeless Color Selection - Home Decor Ideas -- If you think that bohemian is a color that collides with vibrant tones, now you might need to look at the modern bohemian style that is widely applied to the design and home decor of many people on social media. The selection of softer and warmer colors is his trademark. For some more detailed ideas that you can emulate, check out Modern Bohemian Style with Timeless Color Selection - Home Decor Ideas.



 Living room look

The first view that can be discussed from this house is the living room. An open plan design that combines areas without partitions makes this area look wider and brighter. Choosing warm colors with natural tones can make both rooms feel more comfortable and homey. Although without a partition, this area looks different where the living room uses a sofa while the dining room uses furniture that is simpler and sleeker.

Outdoor space

This is a terrace that is used as a comfortable relaxing area to enjoy the sunshine. The use of furniture with a distinct color and style looks very harmonious with the house's interior. Adding curtains to create shade is a good idea to try to copy.

Functional area

Aside from a relaxing area that can also be used as an outdoor living room, this area has an outdoor dining table that would be ideal for a more intimate candlelit dinner with your family. This area will allow you to enjoy a different atmosphere at home, ensuring that you are never bored.

Kitchen idea

This simple kitchen design in gray will be a part that refreshes the eye. The use of a kitchen set with a simple design is able to provide a wider and neater appearance so that it can be placed in even a small area. Don't forget to add a window design so it's not stuffy.

Warm and attractive bedroom

For the bedroom design, a warm and clean look looks very soothing and makes rest feel more comfortable and maximized. Not much decoration is added to this room. There are only wall paintings that make the room look more varied.




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