How to Choose the Perfect Houseplant for Yourself -- When we look at plant moms or dads on social media, it looks so good to have plants at home. But wait, don't just pick and buy plants! Instead of ending up with unwanted plant deaths, it's better to choose plants that suit you and your home conditions.

We've rounded a list of essential and basic for you to consider having plants at home. Here's How to Choose the Perfect Houseplant for Yourself.

Choose plants that do well where you live!

  • House with little natural light 


Some of us may live in studio apartments or houses with little natural light. Choose plants that survive well in low-light conditions. It can be a ZZ plant or peace lily. Although they grow in low-light spot, it is best to keep them near a light source, such as a windowsill.

    • ZZ plant for low light conditions

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Ask yourself, Can you keep a plant alive?'' If you have bad experience with that Z plant. The ZZ plant likes low light. Bright, direct light will dry out their leaves and stems. You can even grow it with fluorescent lights, which is perfect as a starter plant or a plant for buildings or offices. 

  • House with some light but not the best

Your home probably has several windows to let in light. They might illuminate the rooms you want to fill with plants, but not the full light. This makes the room bright but not the best. You can choose plants like orchid, jade plant, and snake plant for that.

    • Orchid for a humid home


Orchids are a great plant choice if you have a fairly humid space. Orchid can live in humid places. They also give an attractive look to your home. You can place it in the bedroom to give a good air quality and an attractive look in the bedroom.

  • House with sunny spot and natural light


Many house plants love spots with hello windows and natural light. These spots provide bright indirect light that encourages photosynthesis in the house, and the plants will grow healthily. If you're a green thumb, opt for Boston fern or tropical plants like pothos, philodendron, and monstera.


Determining plants as living decor also adjusts the style of your room. A room with a modern style will look great with well-arranged snake plants. A room with a classic style with suit a Boston fern.

    • Boston fern care


This indoor plant will give your home a fresh green atmosphere. Boston fern likes bright, indirect light away from heating vents. Boston fern is also a moisture-loving plant. You can place pebbles trays filled with water near this plant, so that Boston fern lives happily at home.

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