Growing Vegetables From Kitchen Window - Often when cooking, we will encounter leftover veggies. Mostly, all of us will throw it in the trash. You can't do that. Reuse the scrap veggies to grow again and you will have your own veggies garden. Then, look at these Growing Vegetables From the Kitchen Window. Check it out!

Begin with the easiest vegetable to grow


Utilize the scrap in the kitchen can use to regrow again. You can begin them by placing the head or base into a small shallow bowl or jar with 1-2 cm of water in the bottom. Pop them in somewhere with natural light and pick the leaves as desired. Start with the easiest veggies to do it. Like lettuce, lee, celery, cabbage, and others.

After mastering it, continue with bulb and root veggies


After mastering to regrow the veggies with the head or base, you can continue with the bulb or root vegetables. Try planting the veggies by slicing off the ends of about 2-3 cm of the tip with the roots attached. Then, put them in the water media like before to grow the roots. If the veggies look impressive, you can move them into the soil for a large garden. The bulb or root veggies consist of onion, carrot, lemongrass, and others.

Try to regrow basil


Scrap basil which still has a stem and a few leaves can regrow and place on the kitchen windowsill. You can put them in a small jar with water. Waiting until the roots and new leaves grow. If the basil gets mature, you can move them into soil media or just let it in this water container.

Grow avocado on your kitchen windowsill


Upgrade your kitchen windowsill vegetable by growing avocado. First, clean the avocado pit and dry them in a few days. Then, stick toothpicks in the sides, spaced evenly around the circumference. Place in a container with water. Regularly refresh the water every 7 days. If you see the roots and sprouts on the top emerge, you can move them into a pot to grow a tree.

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