Grow and Care Maidenhair Fern in Indoors - One of the popular houseplants, Maidenhair Fern is a beautiful houseplant that can be found in nature and also can grow in an indoor area. This fern has a delicate fan-shaped leaf and is typically clustered on wiry back stems. Their leaves have smaller than other types of fern. So, to know more about this houseplant, you can see these Grow and Care Maidenhair Fern in Indoors.

Is easy to grow Maidenhair Fern?


Maidenhair fern is a houseplant that is slowly growing and can take 3 years to reach full size. This houseplant also doesn't need high maintenance, but sometimes can be tricky for the best growing. If you place the Maidenhair Fern in good and right condition, they will be your pretty houseplant collection at home.

How to care for this houseplant?


In natural environments, Maidenhair Fern can grow in shade and partial shade areas. And for indoor areas, place this houseplant in a spot that receives indirect sunlight. Avoid direct sunlight because they can burn their delicate leaves. 

For soil, you can grow Maidenhair in moist but well-draining potting soil. Water this houseplant regularly, either daily or every other day. Never allow the soil to dry out. But, if you found yellow leaves in this fern, it will sign that your houseplant gets overwatering.


Maidenhair Fern can't survive in cold drafts. And they require very warm, humid air to thrive. So, you can set the temperature above 70 degrees F and avoid the area that has a temperature below 60 degrees F. 

For humidity, Maidenhair Fern prefers a moisture-rich environment. So, you can place them in the bathroom or garden area for the best growth. 

Actually, this houseplant is okay not having fertilizer to thrive. But, if you wanna give them, provide the fertilizer once a month. Avoid fertilizers that much nitrogen, because it can burn their leaves.

Potting and repotting


You can be repotting the Maidenhair annually or biannually, depending on the size. In fact, Maidenhair Fern looks pretty if they grow lush and a little crowded. But, if you find this houseplant gets outgrowing the pot, you can begin to repot them.

Pests and issues of Maidenhair Fern


Commonly, insects are mostly found in this indoor houseplant. And sometimes Scale and Mealybugs attach to the fronds. Other common issues that most find in this Maidenhair Fern are usually related to its leaves. Because it has small and sensitive leaves, the leaves sometimes can curl up, fall off, and get brown. So, help this problem by removing the leave problem that will get help Maidenhair can continue its growth.

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