7 Indoor Plants that Look as Lovely as Flower Bouquets

Homiful.com -- It's nice to have indoor plants that can grow lush and bushy, especially when these plants have such beautiful bunches of flowers. Plants that are as beautiful as a bouquet of flower will effortlessly make any space look lovable. You'll be happy by the sight of a bouquet of indoor plant. 

Here are 7 indoor plants that look as lovely as flower bouquets.

1. Saintpaulia 'Red' - African violet

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Start with African violets. This plant thrives indoors, especially in bright and warm spots out of direct sunlight. African violet has beautiful purple flowers with cute yellow center anthers. They can flower for months at a time. The flowers grow form a gorgeous bunch of purple flowers in the center.

2. Poinsettia

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Poinsettias are indoor plants that are associated with Christmas because of their fiery red color. Poinsettias will form red bract that looks like petals with tiny yellow flowers in the center. It needs 12 hours of darkness for at least 5 days to turn red. It will resemble a beautiful bouquet of red and fresh green.

3. Clivia (Bush Lily)

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Clivia is typically grown outdoors under trees, but you can bring it indoors. This plant has deep green, leathery leaves with orange flowers growing in the center. This orange flower is like a pretty bouquet and would look great in a window area with morning sunlight and afternoon shade.

4. Kalanchoe

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Kalanchoe is a succulent plant that is much loved for its small, colorful flowers. Kalanchoe bloofeldiana is the most popular type of flowering kalanchoe. It grows a cluter of tiny pink flowers that resemble tiny version of pink rose bouquet. Putting in an indoor pot will be an attractive showstopper at home.

5. Purple clover

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You might know this plant as Oxalis triangularis. It has clover-like leaves in a deep purple color. The leaves grow lush and dense. The plant also produce bright purple, tiny flowers on top. You can have a beautiful bouquet of purple flowers growing for a long time in the house with this purple clover plant.

6. Begonia

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No one can resist the beauty of begonias. Begonias have fresh green leaves and pretty flowers that grow just as lush as the leaves. Direct morning light for four to six hours will promote flower growth. When you have a begonias this lovely, you don't need a fake flower bouquet. 

7. Hydrangea

via Hydrangea World

Hydrangeas are commonly picked to make a flower bouquet. But why not make it grow longer indoors, keeping it as a living decoration? Hydrangeas have colorful clusters of flowers that are perfect for your indoor setting. This plant also release moisture, which is good for the air at home.

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