7 Drought-Tolerant and Hard to Kill Houseplants

7 Drought-Tolerant and Hard to Kill Houseplants

Homiful.com -- Growing indoor plants require special care, such as lighting, watering, and fertilizing. But those of you who are super busy and rarely take care of plants will, of course, forget about it, and one of them is watering. You don't need to be concerned; simply choose plants that require little care and can withstand drought and even neglect.

Sago palm


The sago palm is a slow-growing plant that is popular for its ease of maintenance. This plant can be placed anywhere and instantly creates a tropical atmosphere. The sago palm prefers dry soil and regular watering.



With its green foliage and white stripes, this zebra or haworthia plant is eye-catching.  Excellent for window sill decoration and low maintenance. This plant prefers direct sunlight and slightly dry soil.

Burros tail 


This lovely trailing succulent makes an eye-catching burro tail as a house plant in hanging baskets. These lush rounded jelly-like leaves dangle. It is easy to fall off and should be handled with caution. Only water when the soil is dry, and store in a cool, dry place.

Bunny ear cactus


This cactus grows long and flattened like a rabbit's ear. It has a cute shape, can withstand drying out, and has no sharp thorns. However, the bristle spines on its overarching stems can irritate the skin. If the lighting is bright, this cactus can bloom a lemon yellow color.

ZZ plant


ZZ plant looks great with the plastic planter. It requires little maintenance and is drought tolerant. Because the low light in the room is tolerable, it will grow normally can reach height of up to 3 ft.



This plant's thick stems can store moisture for an extended period of time. Ponytail is a low-maintenance plant, even if watering is neglected. The plant can withstand low lighting, as well as weeks or even months of drought. You can repair it by watering it for 3 - 4 weeks.

Jade plant


Jade plants are distinguished by their thick stems and leaves. This plant is a succulent that is completely drought resistant. A small tree that grows quickly in the summer if left outside in warm weather.

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