7+ Corner Garden Ideas for Every Outdoor Style

Homiful.com -- A corner of the garden that looks empty will feel like something is missing. You can enhance it with landscaping designs that are good for that. Make it an outdoor corner seating or place fresh plants there. Here are 7+ corner garden ideas for every outdoor style.

Charming red brick corner garden

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If you have this solid red brick guardrail, use it as a unique background for your corner garden. Add some red brick tiers to place a seating mat and some refreshing plants. Install a wooden floating shelf to place potted plants that provide natural freshness there.

Awesome Zen corner


A corner of the garden can be more than you imagine. Putting a mini waterfall of rocks shaded by a mini pergola and surrounded by lush plants to give you a peace of mind when you are there. This garden gives a calming Zen vibe to even a small corner.

Natural green corner

If you like a fresh tropical atmosphere, use corner garden ideas like this one. The small lot is lined with a well-kept lawn. Take it up a notch by having plants that you let grow long as natural curtains there. No problem planting trees that will double up the freshness here.

Tiny chill out corner garden


Get something fun for you! You can have a garden with a chill out corner that you can make yourself. A corner of the garden with a tall wooden fence can just be upgraded into a nice sitting area. Arrange for climbing flowers to grow around the corner to give a lovely look to it.

Bright yet shady corner pergola


Imagine relaxing in a corner garden with this pergola. That would be so much fun. More than that you can sit comfortably on the benches that are attached to the pergola frame. Just add yellow cushions that are nicely contrast there. This corner is also shaded thanks to the lush plants growing on top of the back fence.

Fun hidden corner


Want to have a hideaway corner that gives you some quiet personal time? You can make it small but beautiful. The small corner is designed with a gravel yard and a small walkway. The other end is used to grow moisture-loving houseplants like ferns. Bring a simple but comfortable bench to relax and enjoy your alone time.

Corner planter and screen set


You can easily add a garden corner. Rowlison corner planter and screen set will make it easy for you. It can be attached with the outbuildings of the house. The corner set have  planters for a beautiful container garden in the corner. Screen sets also fine the zone well.

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