The Best Plant For Your Zodiac Sign, According to a Feng Shui Expert - Plants in Feng Shui carry their benefit for us. Like carrying healthy, luck, wealth, and others. Then, here we will share with you The Best Plant For Your Zodiac Sign, According to a Feng Shui Expert. Check it out!

Capricorn - Bonsai Tree


Looking traditional, Bonsai can bring financial prosperity and seriousness to home. And it is suitable for the Capricorn zodiac which is known for its responsible, and pragmatic nature.

Aquarius - Pothos Marble Queen


Aquarius has characteristics such as charming, creative, and quirky. And they are suitable with the Pothos plant for the best Feng Shui. This houseplant will give harness happiness, good energy, and elegance.

Pisces - Benjamina Ficus


And for Pisces, they can get Benjamina Ficus for the best plants sign. This plant represents art and motivation which is complement compassion and art for this zodiac.

Aries - Aloe vera


Aries has characters bold, determined, and somewhat impulsive. And experts recommend Aloe Vera for this zodiac. Because Aloe vera symbolizes strength and bravery.

Taurus - Money Tree


Tend with stable and hardworking, Taurus is suitable to symbolize with Money Tree. This houseplant represents finances and loyalty.

Gemini - Split Leaf


Gemini has an optimistic, chatty, kind, and thoughtful nature. And they can represent split leaf that introduces feelings of positivity and happiness.

Cancer - Jade


Cancers is identic with intuitive, caring, and sensitive. And experts also recommend the Jade plant for this zodiac. Jade plants symbolize honesty, carefulness, and protection.

Leo - Ponytail Palm (Beaucarnea Recurvata)


The best Feng Shui plant for Leo is Ponytail Palm. Leo has characteristics full of immense pride and unadulterated joy. And this houseplant can bring happiness, imagination, and overall good energy.

Virgo - Rubber Tree


Virgo is a zodiac that rarely ever falters, steadfast, and reliable. So, experts recommend a rubber tree for this zodiac sign. Rubber Trees can give positive energy over responsibilities and finances.

Libra - Monstera


Get Monstera for Libra that has characteristic harmony seeking and romantic. This houseplant can bring pleasure and happiness according to the experts.

Scorpio - Dracaena


Scorpio has characteristics like determination and approaching life with passion. And experts recommend Dracaena for this zodiac that symbolizes protection and general happiness.

Sagittarius - Alocasia


And last, Sagittarius has an independent and idealistic characteristics. And experts recommend Alocasia which symbolizes protection and carefulness.

That are The Best Plant For Your Zodiac Sign, According to a Feng Shui Expert present to you. Thank you for reading this article, and I hope you can inspire by this information. Have a nice day, everyone.

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