Small and Simple Balcony Ideas You'll Love -- You don't have to go that far just to take a breath of fresh air. You can do it in your home, as easily as spending time on your small balcony. Small balconies are limited in size, so plant appropriately. Don's just occupy space. Plan carefully what and how you will use your balcony to achieve the desired relaxing atmosphere. To help you out, here some small and simple balcony ideas you'll love.

1. Using warm and natural color schemes


Let the sun warm your soul when you're on the balcony. This balcony feels so cozy. The space is not fully filled, it is enough to use rattan outdoor chairs and a coffee table. The cream-hued gives a bright look to the balcony, making it looks spacious. The balcony is even more lively and fresh with house plants around it.

2. Make adjustments to a small balcony


Some of us may only have a tiny balcony. Even though it's small, it's safe t use it as a place to relax. Be willing not to bring big furniture to the balcony. You may need to some DIY, such as making a low seat and table out of wooden board arranged as shown. Make it cozy and soft with additional cushions and soft throws on it.

3. Simple yet stylish setup


We think this balcony styling is simple enough to try on any small balcony. All you need is a couple of cushioned chairs, a patterned rug on the floor, and a basket for storage on the balcony. Add plants to give it a fresh atmosphere. This arrangement is simple but exudes elegance with its sleek furniture and light colors.

4. The perfect floor


Even a small balcony can look classy and expensive. It may be necessary to make a small investment to obtain the perfect floor tile. Using tiles in stunning patterns and colors, you don't have to decorate your balcony with excessive ornaments. With only a pair of movable chairs and greenery, this balcony be your haven of calm.

5. Green up your balcony


The balcony can be your place to grow your favorite plants. Green up the balcony by laying down green artificial grass or carpet. Put plants that like sunny spots on the balcony. Bring an aesthetic egg chair to relax in while you care for your houseplants here.

7. Make it proper at night


You might want to spend some time on the balcony at night. Whatever arrangement you choose, make sure to include adequate lighting. You can create a glowing effect on the balcony at night by combining ambient and decorative lighting, like the picture above.

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