Six Beautiful of Flowering Succulent that Can Grow Anywhere -- Succulents can be said to be powerful plants because their beauty does not require intense care. Some succulents also present their beauty with amazingly beautiful flowers. Some varieties of flowering succulents that you can plant indoors and outdoors, check Six Beautiful of Flowering Succulents that Can Grow Anywhere.



The first flowering succulent suggestion is kalanchoe. Not only are the flowers beautiful, but Kalanchoe has an interesting fact: the leaves can grow buds when placed on the ground, making it easier to reproduce them.

Euphorbua Milii


At first glance, this plant is similar to a cactus with thorns on its stem. The leaves and small flowers also make this plant you can place anywhere. The flowers also have many variations, not only red.

Christmas Cactus


This cactus, like its name suggests, usually flowers at the end of the year in the winter. The flowers are also medium to large in size, making them ideal for use as decorations. Aside from pink flowers, this Christmas has red flowers that are ideal for Christmas plants.

Pincushion Cactus


A small cactus with thorns on it is also attractive because it has brightly colored flowers and appears to be a daisy at first glance. Because of its small size, it makes an excellent desk decoration.

Echeveria Afterglow


Echeveria is a popular type of succulent. Not all echeverias, however, have flowers. This type of 'afterglow' contains it. Flowers and stems that are taller than the leaves grow beautifully together.

Jade Plant

One of the most popular succulent families as house plants is the jade plant. Some people are unaware that jade plants can bloom beautifully. At first glance, the flower clusters resemble those of the hoya, but they are white.

Mass Rose

This succulent appears to be grass at first glance, but it has beautiful flowers with vibrant colors. You can grow it not only in your garden, but also as a hanging plant for your front porch.
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