How to Get a Jade Plant to Bloom

How to Get a Jade Plant to Bloom -- The jade plant is a vibrant and hardy ornamental plant that thrives in any environment. it grows well and lives a long time if properly cared for. The jade plant has thick, woody leaves that are oval in shape. As an ornamental, it appears to be a miniature tree.

Did you also know that this plant can grow and flower beautifully? With proper care, this plant will bloom.

The jade plant's blooming secret


To make these plants bloom, just like African violet plants, you must be patient. They can bloom is they are fully realized.

If you choose a jade plant that can bloom, you can keep it for the next 3 - 4 years to see it flower. These plants grow and form a root system, decreasing their chances of blooming.

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Consider the appropriate amount of light to meet the needs of the jade plant and iar in its flowering. Place it in a south-facing window with 8 to 12 hours of direct light from bright lights. Putting it outside gives you the best chance of providing proper care and flowering. This plant is difficult to grow and does not thrive in humid environments.

Libby Willetts

Put some strain on the jade plant by encouraging flowering and keeping it rooted. Because this plant has a small root structure, keep it in a small container. 


Water managements is essential for it to bloom. Because this plant prefers dry roots, infrequent watering will keep it alive and flowering. 


It can take up to a year for the plant to enter dormancy. Before blooming, give this  plant a long rest by lowering the temperature by about 10 degrees.

With proper care, you can make a jade plant bloom and thrive. Be patient and careful to allow the plant to flower at the appropriate time.

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