Houseplant You Can't Kill Even if You Tried


Houseplant You Can't Kill Even if You Tried -- This review includes a list of the best ornamental plants that you can't kill even if you try. Enlivening home decor with ornamental plants will also add a new, productive ecosystem with a cool feel and give the entire house a fresh impression. Even for forgetful people, some of these plant lists cannot be killed.

Dracaena Janet Craig


Dracaena janet craig is one of the most dependable ornamental plants. It is ideal for filling an empty corner of the house. It grows tall and is excellent for landscaping. This plant grows easily in almost any indoor environment and is ideal for beginners.



For beginners, sansevieria is an excellent air purifying plant. Maintenance is much easier than with most other plants. Even with infrequent watering, this plant can thrive. Even if neglected, this is one of the most difficult succulents to kill.

Areca palm


Palms are tropical plants that are frequently used as interior decoration. This plant has finger and long leaves that thrive in all environments. Tolerant of direct sunlight or darkness, and appropriate for beginners. Keep an eye on the watering to ensure that the plants continue to thrive.

Oxalis Triangularis


The species, which are numerous and frequently cultivated as ornamental plants, are extremely productive. Plants that are dormant in the winter, if kept as houseplant, get plenty of sunlight. This plant is very beautiful to fill a room table with striking colors because it is dominated by beautiful purple leaves.

Pilea Spruceana


This colorful houseplant can be placed in an area that does not receive direct sunlight. And can tolerate low light; however, keep the leaves out of direct sunlight as they can burn.

Aloe vera


This adaptable desert plant has evolved into an ornamental plants with  numerous applications. Spiky leaves with gel insider can be used to make a variety of cosmetic mixtures. it is simple to care for and tolerates low light levels. This aloe vera plant is recommended even for beginners.

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