Exotic Plants You Might Consider This Year

Homiful.com -- Days have passed; years have changed. Even so, the hobby of caring for plants will never fade. Gardening brings you many good things. It relieves stress and makes your environment more fresh and green. If you want to continue your gardening hobby, you can try adding these exotic plants to your collection. Here are some exotic plants to consider this year.

Ficus Elastica Ruby


If you are looking for a unique, rare plant to add to your home, a Ruby Rubber Plant or Ficus elastica 'Ruby' is an excellent choice. This plant is a variegated rubber tree and has leaves in an exotic ruby red shade. Put it in a place with bright, indirect light. The plant hate too much direct sun that can dry out its lovely leaves.

Begonia Pearcei


Begonia pearcei will amaze you with its serrated-leaves, which have a deep green color with bright green veins. The color of the leaves lends an exotic appearance not found in other plants. The strikingly patterned leaves contrast beautifully with the tiny yellow flowers that it produces.

Jewel Orchid


The scientific name for this jewel orchid is Ludisia. It is a low-maintenance houseplant that stand out for its richly colored leaves rather than its flowers. The green leaves have exotic pattern that makes you want to have one at home.

The flowering spike will grow upward during the flowering season, displaying the small white flowers on it. The plant prefers pretty, shady location with slightly damp soil.



Looking for a one-of-kind plant that can serve as a natural curtain? Huperzia (Lycopodiaceae) is an alternative to Spanish moss plant. Huperzia is also known as ground pines or firmosses or ground pines. This plant has fir tree-like leaves that can be grown to hang down. Growing it in your home requires high humidity and bright, well-lit conditions. 

Hatiora Salicornioides


Hatiora salicornioides go with different names. You may know it as a dancing-bones, the bottle cactus or even drunkard's-dream. A native plant of eastern Brazil that grows as an indoor and outdoor ornamental plant. It produces yellow flowers on its shoots, especially from March - May. The plant like bright light in the morning and indirect light evening. Let the water dry out during the watering schedule.

Cissus tuberosa


There are many unique plants, one of which is the Cissus tuberosa plant. This plant has slender leaves that form beautiful green star-shaped. The cissus plant can tolerate partial shade. Place it in the bright south window. It is not a frost-tolerant plant, so bring it inside if the weather gets too cold.

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