7 Unique Houseplants that Look Like Hair Strands


7 Unique Houseplants that Look Like Hair Strands

Homiful.com -- Are you looking for the most strange and unusual ornamental plants? This type of plant will look stunning in your home. Plants that resemble strands of hair are intriguing as a new collection at home with low maintenance. Watering is only required on a regular basis, and humidity is maintained. Would you like to have one of them?

Croton Zanzibar


Croton is an ornamental plant that is low-maintenance, has vibrant colors, and can withstand outdoor conditions. Croton zanzibar, for example, produces small red, green, yellow and purple leaves that resemble hair. As a contras plant, it can grow to a height of 3 to 4 feet.

Fishbone Cactus


This plant, also known as orchid cactus or zig-zag cactus, has a curly hair-like appearance. This is a plant that would look great on a table or in a hanging basket at home.

Juncus Effusus "Spiralis"


The following plant has dark green leaves that resemble a stand of hair and a striking upright stem for natural containers such as rattan or terracotta.

This plant will also produce flowers that range from pale yellow-green to brown.

Tillandsia Usneoides


Tillandsia is a plant that grows by spraying water and not using any other medium. This plant has the appearance of flowing hair and is inversely proportional to other types. The aroma is delicate, and if you're lucky, you can see the flowers.

Spider plant "Bonnie"


Bonnie spider plants is a plant with long, thin hair-like leaves. As the bottom, it appear to be curly hair curling. It is very easy to maintain and tolerates both indoor and outdoor lighting conditions.

Scirpus Cernuus


This ornamental grass with long green leaves and small flowers at the tops of  the leaves can be grown outside. Can also be kept in a medium-sized container and placed around the windowsill for partial sunlight.

Cordyline Red Fountain


This is a stemless cordyline specimen plant with strap-like red leaves that differs from the others. The leaves, which are slightly wider and have a pointed tip, will look great when placed in the sun shade and brought down to the home garden.

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