7 Toxic Flower You Should Watch Out For Keeping Pets Safe

Homiful.com -- Flowers and pets are adorable living creatures that are perfect to accompany your days at home. However, they don't always mix or get along.

Some flowers can be poisonous to pets. The lovely flowers will charm you as well as attract your pets to get close and even chew on them. If it is a dangerous flower for pets, it will be fatal. Learn about the 7 toxic flowers you should watch out for keeping pets safe.


1. Oxalis triangularis


Oxalis triangularis, or shamrock plants, are stunning with their intense purple foliage and small bright purple flowers. Unfortunately, this plant is toxic to pets. This flowering plant can cause kidney failure in dogs and cats. We don't always know if our pets will chew on shamrock plants, so keep them out of cats' and dog's reach at home.

2. Ranunculus


Ranunculus (buttercup) is known as a toxic beauty. All species and all part of Ranunculus flowers are toxic to humans and animals. If your dog eats a buttercup, he will cause vomiting, diarrhea, excessive salivation, depression, and oral ulcers. The flowers are pretty, but only to admire; keep them away from pets!

3. Kalanchoe flower


Kalanchoe is a simple houseplant to grow and care for. It also rewards you with beautiful flowers like these. You might be tempted to have one, but consider your pets. Dr. Renne Schmid, senior veterinary toxicologist for Pet Poison Helpline, says kalanchoe flower balloons make cats and dogs sick to their stomachs and change their heart rhythms (if the pets chew on it).

4. Lavender


Lavender provides many benefits. It is a mosquito-repellent plant thanks to the natural oils it produces. Lavender has an attractive scent and flower. However, it also contains toxic compound for pets. A small amount of lavender scent inhaled may not be harmful to your pets, but ingested lavender can harmful to cats and dogs.

5. Hyacinth


Hyacinth has a wonderful smell  and a stunning flower. It is a flower plant that bloom easily in the house. This spring beauty's bulb and flowers are highly toxic to cats. Inhaling them may cause the cat to get nasal irritation and difficulty breathing. Keep away from cats and dogs, or better yet, choosing a pet-safe plant.

6. Calla lilies


Dr. Renne Schmid says many pet emergency calls are caused by lilies. Calla lily is one of them. All part of the calla lily are harmful if ingested. Your pet will have symptoms such as drooling, vomiting, and oral pain. Call the pet poison helpline if your pet swallows calla lilies.

7. Lily of the valley


Lily of the Valley is a highly toxic flower for cats and dogs. All part of this plant are poisonous. Ingestion should be treated immediately. The flower causes vomiting, diarrhea, and a low heart rate. Its strong fragrance will attract your pet to look at it or even swallow it.

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